Here’s our next one, twenty-four hours after the last one. Accompanied by another coffee.

Periodic, predictable, repetitive. Easy to be filled with recurring thoughts.

Each morning is the first opportunity of each day to experience exactly what you want. But tradition may take over the A.M. and start populating your agenda according to its whims.

Those errands that must be run, the assignments to worry, the meeting that has to be attended with you-know-who, they are all from tradition. They are mandated by you!

Even it is for just a minute or two, create a magical time for yourself. Have a difficulty at present? Change it to an opportunity, something to which you can be grateful, something that you can make better. Embrace the silence. Find a tune or two, not just any music or music that is good enough, but music that brings tears of joy to your eyes. Elevate.

Try something new. Did it bring more joy? Yes? Then do it again, add something else or take something away. Perfect it. Tomorrow, make it better than it was today. Learn to float – with nothing holding you down. Tomorrow, float higher. Make those couple of minutes excruciatingly good.

This is your time, alone. Make it sacred. Let nothing interfere with it. Live for it. Allow it to captivate you totally. Rejoice. Bliss out. Give thanks. Realize, this is your peace.

Tomorrow morning, repeat. Make everything better than it was today. Feel more free than you ever have before.

Tradition conceals people. Somewhere, underneath all those layers of years gone by, YOU are lurking. Remember that person? You’re still there. Come out and take a breath of fresh air. Come, smile at the dawn.

A couple of minutes is only one hundred and twenty seconds. If that is your limit it has been self-imposed. Scratch that – make it unlimited, eternal, one day at a time.

You’ll never stop giving thanks.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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