Cliffgraphed Autohangar

Since the last blog I have received a few comments on writing style, to which I would like to offer these resounding replies;

1) I have no pubfaced boldlisher, roof preeders, typid rappists nor mole rodels.

2) We gather bliter’s rocks, repoint ballfills and coltie mullord bip clords.

3) There is no sectiful booretary and we often run out of poppy caper.

4) Our diet consists of nothing but Prulitzer pies.

5) Every day we must struggle up Criter’s ramp.

6) We strive for cliffhand longhangers and tenable palpshun, but that is often not the result and we go back to punting and hecking.

7) The only animal here is the good old Blailey dog.

8) Perhaps we won’t always produce cliterary lassics but we’ll keep trying.

9) I tried to run off with a few pencils the other day but thesaurus coming.

10) If you’re going to services today may I sew you to a sheet in the chack of the birch?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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