I Think She’s Here

I felt as though I had been slowly pulled through an over-powering car wash and was now being warmed by the finishing blasts of air. My exterior was rejuvenated, my interior purified. The aroma of cigars and BBQ pork sandwiches stirred my senses.

I must have floated up from my chair. My only memory of that moment was that I knew there was something special about those two men. I had no idea ‘what’ I understood, I just knew they were responsible for all that happened that afternoon.

Like a lone spirit – imbued with everything – I floated away. There were more folks at the fair now and each of them became like actors on this ‘stage’ before me. I looked back at the two men but they were no longer there. No table, no chairs, no sign.

That made no sense and then it became perfectly clear. The men, the table, the chairs and the sign – had to be gone.

‘Misrepresentations’ returned. I, I was a misrepresentation. I was a misrepresentation! My mind began filling with truths. My life, my whole life I had been an actor, just like all these people around me, playing a part – my part – in this elaborate – Play of Life – in which every word – had been scripted by SOMEONE ELSE!

Still ‘floating’ I looked down and noticed all the ropes tied to rods stuck in the ground with the other end secured to the canvas tents above. That’s why I am floating! Like exchanging tethers for feathers. ‘Up’ became my chosen direction. Unattainable and unthinkable until just now.

I wondered what it would be like to dream. Not the usual ones, but MY dreams; unencumbered, unbounded, Infinite. And perhaps now, the dreams don’t have to happen only when I’m sleeping.

‘I think she’s here.’ Who would have thought She would choose a county fair for Her revelation? So subtle, so magnificent.

There, at the exit gate, stood a beautiful lady. As I started to drift by she turned and said, ‘Hi there.’ Hanging from a thin gold chain around her neck was the letter ‘J’.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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