The Unestablished Roommate

I lived in Boone, Texas prittaneer my whole life, but since Mom passed away I sold my house and moved into hers, in Monroe City, Texas. I’ve had few friends, and this move reduced the number to zero. Don’t have any hobbies, ‘cept maybe fishin’. Had a couple of friends who was girls, but none stayed long enough to matter much. Keep thinking about one of them, though. Way back when I was in Boone, at the post office, I met Joyce. We had a few dates, coffee and such. But there was something about her, you know, nothing you can name, but you know you want more of it.

Mom’s house wasn’t much, kinda in the center of a wheat field. A kitten came by the other day and I fed it. She moved in. I now call her Joycie. Yesterday this little neighborhood paper was in the driveway and right there on the front page was this ad for a town fair that was going to be going on starting Friday afternoon and through the weekend. It wasn’t much more than two miles away I figured.

So, comes Friday morning and I puts on my cleanest blue jeans and best shirt, fed Joycie, and just relaxed until about 4:30 when I started walking to the fair. Kinda dreaming, I thought about renting out the second bedroom to someone, just mainly for company. Nah, Joycie might not like that.

Along with the sight of the mini Ferris-wheel came a few noises and I thought I smelled candied apples. Hardly nobody’d shown up yet so I just wandered in and looked at the rides and the food. Then, there near the end of the booths, there was this make-shift roof and underneath it just a card table and two chairs with a guy in each one. And hangin’ from the sheet of metal was this sign, about 4′ long and 1′ high with painted black letters that said, ‘I THINK SHE’S HERE’.

It stopped me in my tracks. ‘What the hell does that mean? I think WHO’S here?’

I thought, ‘Did it really matter? Christ, anything north of a scarecrow would be heaven.’

This sign wasn’t put up just for me! I tried to turn around to leave, tried to move toward the sign. Couldn’t do either. One of the two guys sitting there under the sign caught my eye. With an index finger he motioned for me to come and join them.

I still couldn’t move.

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  1. Got my attention!
    Love it!
    One of the most alive things you have ever written!
    Can’t wait for the next installment…if there is one.


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