The End of Repetition, the end of repetition.

Dichotomy: a division into two mutually exclusive groups or entities.

Life is a dichotomy.

1. There is existence accompanied by all our earthly knowledge, experience and beliefs.

2. There is existence without our knowledge, experience and beliefs.

The former is more often than not the – default position – of humans. It is the amalgamation of all we have ever learned. We think, make and follow agendas, judge, plan and strategize our lives in the way we see fit. What you believe limits what you experience to that belief.

The latter is the amalgamation of nothing. Not only are things not gathered, but everything is let go. This ‘latter’ is Freedom. Not just a place where there is the liberty to choose, but a place in which there are no choices! A place where you take a vacation from yourself. A place where you are not worried or even concerned about You. That noble warrior we all try to be, protecting ourselves, our friends, our future – can finally lie down and be at peace.

The latter is a place where we are who we are, NOT because of past experiences. It is a place that is made perfect by the absence of thinking. Try pondering a place where everything is fresh, unknown and pure – where there are no obstacles and NO rules. Inviting, isn’t it!?

There is that trite axiom that states something like, ‘Futility is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. With like reasoning, are we to be like machines that day to day carry forth the woes and problems from many yesterdays? Over and over, working with the same concerns, the same subjects. Is that something for which you would sign up?

The ultra-sad fact is that these ideas upon which we focus, they’re not even OUR ideas!

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  1. One can be free to experience the new and appreciate the memories of the past. There is magic in both. The choices one makes on what one focuses on determines ones experience


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