The Blue Roof and White Dot Inn

Are we somewhere in there?

The concept of the Infinite doesn’t get thought of much. Our position in the emptiness, our role in the Universe, our interaction in it; minimal.

If we look up in the daytime, unobstructed, there is the blue roof, a ceiling, really. Just blueness. And to the extent that we appreciate blue, we’ll continue our gaze. And at night there are just the white dots. Periodically awe-inspiring but when that novelty wears off so does our interest.

Our imagination determines whether we are infinite or not.

Our imagination determines whether we are Infinite or not.

Perhaps it is the words that you will never read that will be the most profound for you. If you contrast them against our many earthly suggested options like ‘Believe or die’, you may grasp the concern.

‘Contextual‘ – depending on the preceding or following parts of a text to clarify meaning. What percentage of our thoughts are contextual, 100%!?

Should our only way of discovery be that of reading other’s discourses and answers?

If so, all enlightenment is halted, imagination disintegrated.

You feel all alone, helpless, uncertain? Here’s a suggestion . . .

Consider that we are least alone when we are in silence. That is when the Blue Roof and White Dots roll out the red carpet. Along that red carpet are trash receptacles into which you may drop all of your bounded, limited and shallow views.

Ready to go? One more thing . . .

don’t forget to remove the blinders.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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