The Sentry is A.W.O.L.

There is an old maxim in the computer world, G.I.G.O., or garbage in, garbage out. It applies to most everything we do on a daily basis but there is a facet about GIGO that hardly gets mentioned – the sentry.

Are we all equipped with a soldier that stands guard at the entry point of our mind? If not, what if anything is monitoring what enters our mind?

If we view our minds as a cooking pot we’ll all agree that if only garbage is put in, what will be served for dinner won’t be very good. So what happened to the sentry? Is he on vacation or has he been permanently let go? Or – was that position ever filled?

Of course, your sentry is you. You are the only apparatus that can pay attention to what is permitted into your mind.

If there is a question or concern lingering in your life that needs answers, the usual method is to think about it. But we can think about things with or without a sentry.

Without a sentry you’ll be wallowing in any thoughts the world brings to you, like; how bad this is, what a jerk she is, how unlucky I am, the unlikelihood of any good coming from it. Without a sentry ‘garbage out’ is inevitable.

When your sentry returns he won’t let that garbage in. Instead, thoughts like; how can this be perfect?, what fabulous possibilities this brings!, how can I learn from this?, and so on. With a sentry the choice of ingredients is up to you. You can literally pick thoughts of the highest order. Thoughts that you know will make dinner – elegant.

Take your sentry to Starbucks. Treat him to a double espresso. Buy him a gift card. Treat him just like you want to be treated – and then better, and higher.

Mirrors work wonders.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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