One form of the word sublime is ‘sublimation’ which means to divert unacceptable or less pure desires into ones that are socially acceptable, such as, switching the desire of hate to one of writing a magnificent story to depict that feeling.

Humans favor things of transcendence like a gorgeous sunset, stimulating verse or supreme love. And we each have our favorite examples of transcendence. Most of us would prefer an ocean view than sitting in a walled cubicle.

If there are unavoidable negatives in your life right now, sublimation can do wonders to change them into positives.

Perhaps a co-worker, Carl, is always a source of abrasion for you, and beautiful sunsets just make you melt. Tune into a perfect sunset, feel the uplifting impact it brings. Now, juxtapose Carl with that sunset. Allow links to be set up between Carl and the sunset in your mind. The next time you see Carl, remember those new associations, realize you are helping Carl and also helping yourself. Let the idea of ‘Carl + sunset’ stir in you and say, or maybe don’t say, what is given to you then.

Don’t permit the habitual negatives to affect this union. When together, if you sense the interaction is heading south, just excuse yourself from it. Stay above. Don’t ever be dragged back down to someone else’s level.

This is but one petty example. Bad times show the need for sublimation. Sublimation can turn rage into love, irritation into peacefulness, discrimination into oneness.

You can ‘tune into’ any feeling you want, as perfect as you can conceive it. Change those quagmires in your life to pristine waterfalls or moments of love. Anything that brings you the highest joy, pick THAT!

Who would have guessed that your next doctor visit was going to be an Alaskan cruise!?

Sublimation is a concept, an idea – an algorithm, really. It can be used for anything from modifying the dislike of doggie-poop removal to passing a math test. With it, there is no need to feel bad again. Plug in the annoyance – then turn up the intensity of your choice of bliss. Cease being around, or subjecting yourself to, anything that would cause that bliss to falter. It is OK to fall in love with this process. It can change your life in a few seconds.

When in doubt, ‘Choose Perfection’.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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