Default Position

We get asked, ‘Hey, how ya doin?’ and the reply is of course, ‘Fine’.

But then there is that friend that looks you straight in the eye and asks slowly, ‘How are you really doing?’ In the next moment after that an interesting thing happens, we answer from our heart, we share a few unfiltered sentiments and feelings about the highest priority item on our list of current concerns.

Unfortunately, some of those shared feelings can be quite different from ‘fine’, and if they are negative, your entire being can suffer.

The associated negativity may take many forms, like an unruly relative or some physicality that has taken up residence within you.

Whatever the cause, if we allow these negative problems to reside within us in their ‘default position’ they change how we feel about ourselves. They become the things we think about and consequently we take on those feelings. We become those feelings. We are fed by those emotions.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important. It affects everything you do. You build ‘who you are’ with your thoughts. If a few of these aren’t up to the caliber you would like, consider . . .

How much better your life would be if these concerns were instead facets that enriched your well-being. You can take any concern to the Infinite. In your moments of quietude you can listen for perfect answers for any problem you encounter.

One by one, eliminate all the items on your ‘list of current concerns’ but don’t stop there. Replace them with rich, positive thoughts of the highest order. Just one superlative answer can change a life forever as it may enable you to help others, also.

This ‘default position’ is usually thought of as a variable. Dump that idea and crank it up to its highest position and leave it there. That’s all the Infinite understands anyway.

‘Hey, how ya doin?’

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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