Nothing or Everything?


Of course that word, and all others, won’t mean a thing here. When you return to normal life you may understand a similarity.

This realm, the Infinite, is indeed the supernal matrix. It understands complete systems in a holistic way and how you fit into them. Answers come, but in a way that remains inexplicable, ineffable and always perfect for you.

Your journey will only be ‘known’ to you, and this ‘known’ is used as loosely as possible. Although you will have experienced it, you will have no words to share it with others.

‘Sense’ is what happens. You sense the power, the purity and all-knowingness. You sense the loftiness and the uniqueness – the Majesty.

In many ways it is like a ethereal Disneyland. Some adventures you can enjoy immediately, others take time. Even if a wait or two is required, those periods are therapeutic and cathartic. The waits and timing are crucial.

The enchantment to revisit grows. Perfection has that attribute.

Where it will lead you is unknowable. How long a journey you will have will always be a secret. The rewards – awe-inspiring.

There is a concept that sounds crazy that you hear now and again that goes, ‘If you want to be given everything, give everything up.’ The Infinite is about just that. It wants nothing from you, NOTHING. Everything that it is, everything that it offers – is a gift. To plan for it, to search for it, to seek after it – is a joke, an insult. It is EVERYTHING, and our responsibility is only to accept that and respect its eminence by not trying personally to better our chances with it.

Listen, but listen deeply, listen purely, listen Majestically.

The whole process here is totally unfair. We bring nothing and yet we then can mix with the Infinite! We win, Infinitely! I am crying out loud as these final words are given to me. Gifts, insights, feelings, uplifts – just because a person listens. Wow.

Even if they go unheard by anything or anyone else I have a two-word phrase that I have enshrined and repeat to myself almost continually in regard to the Infinite . . .

‘Thank you’.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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