Disconnected – from All We Know

All that you thought you knew is now evaporating, as are memories.

You, too, are preparing to leave. Becoming weightless, motionless, with no apparatus for thinking.

On your journey you’ll have nothing but – one sense – a sense of ‘being’.

As your vacation unfolds there will be nothing but that one sensation available to you, your sense of being.

Your beginning will have nothing to do with a runway, a port, nor a station. They are preconceptions. Everything you can name is a preconception.

The words you use, the thoughts and beliefs you hold, your inherent emotions are all tethers. Each must be cut to enable liberation.

All is ready. Consider the basket containing all of your beliefs . . . now ponder what is holding those beliefs to you. Allow that tether to become non-existent. As if you are in a hot-air balloon and a restraining cable is freed, you’ll sense the invisible gondola nudge upwards. Now do the same thing with all your emotions. Then with all the words you use.

With all the stabilizers removed you may sense movement but not complete freedom. Oh, yes, that inner safety net that only you know about. That quote, or memory, or promise that got you through that quagmire long ago. Your fail-safe, your go-to-in-emergency fortress. It all comes down to that, right now. Hang on to it and your vacation will never happen. This last tether identifies you as an ‘earthling only’, unfit for divine association. Your decision to separate from that stronghold will take nothing but a mental nod from you but that nod will be from the highest and most subtle conscious energy you have have ever experienced.

All words and personal thoughts are now extinct. You are now free, perhaps for the first time, ever. This is the realm of the Infinite. Sense the stillness, the purity, the Perfection. There is nothing you can ‘do’ here. Nothing. But, you can do a lot of that.

Should your travels so far be utterly amazing, or at least good enough to continue, let’s reconvene right here tomorrow.

There are ‘no words’ to describe what might be waiting for you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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