The Key in Your Hand

There is a guy you can view on Amazon Prime named David Icke. He did a four-part program entitled ‘Remember Who You Are’ and in it he tries to get across the idea that we are being ‘fed’ this reality in which we exist. That some high and mighty people on earth, a very select group, have determined what we should experience and to what extent.

I’ll leave the discernment of its validity up to you but he posits a few choice words near the middle of his presentation that go something like this . . .

‘ We are Infinite Awareness and yet – we sleep, go to work, come home, watch T.V. and repeat that process every day – and for the most part that is it! He asks, ‘Is that all we are capable of?’

A friend gave a talk last weekend in which she posed the question, ‘Have you ever had an original thought?’ What an interesting and thought provoking query! Most likely your answer would be ‘No’. Have you ever thought about why your answer would be in the negative? Perhaps this IS a ‘projected reality’ in which we live and the creators of it have stifled all of our originality.

We exist in the Infinite and instead of living, thriving and celebrating that, we find it better somehow to argue with one another about everything instead of dreaming forward, together. The ‘common ground’ needed for sharing and open participation seems to be evaporating. Imagine the opposite where everyone was encouraged and rewarded for positive collaboration. Where that type of action was always based on furthering the issue at hand and not one of gain from any personal agenda.

Icke mentions ‘vibrational walls’ which limit our seeing into the Infinite, and doesn’t that seem like what has happened? Each of us sequestered into his or her little prison cell? Four impenetrable walls with a couple of pictures on them, reminding us of what we should be thinking or doing.

There is a ‘cartoon’ (perhaps not a cartoon at all) showing a guy sitting in a prison cell with the key to the door in his hand. The man, a typical example of a person who has been a victim of this reality, having NO idea what to do with the key. Isn’t that the exact situation for most of us? Time to turn on the T.V.?

We have been locked into these repetitive cycles of life that we perform every day and we believe they are the extent of our purview, the limit of our experiences.

What an easy way to restrict the seven billion of us sharing this planet, give us all individual beliefs that we can argue, or go to war over. Tell us; how much money to have, where to spend it, what should make us happy, the allegiances we should have – and all the other factors that govern our lives. Tell us! Tell us, PLEASE!

How else can we ever hope to make a rational decision?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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