Actions Determine our Feelings, Really?

Yesterday’s words here consisted of reminders of past happenings that perhaps brought back varied feelings. Throughout life we have gotten accustomed to that sequence; from conditions to status.

All advertising takes advantage of that by offering us myriad ’causes’ and telling us of the pleasant resultants that will be achieved from our purchase. We all want happiness and our lives are bombarded with promises like; ‘Buy this cream and your face will be more lovely and you will be so content. Buy this new car and when you drive it down the road you will feel so proud. Buy these, lose weight, and you will be so thrilled. Buy this and you will look younger and you will be so happy.’

If we changed our perspective even just a little we could all become; more content, more proud, more thrilled, more happy – just because we want that for our life. Can you not, if you so desire, take your next step with more pride? Of course you can.

If you want a feeling of more – anything – think that way.

Acquire your desired status first. BE that.

Independent of the necessity of any cause.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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