Hot chocolate, a comforter, good night kisses, the light touch of a caring hand, sandboxes, frivolities, candy, worn out shoes, silly stories, laughter muffled by a big pillow, somersaults, using your fingers to make contorted faces, snickers at wrong times that led to more snickers, fireplaces, sunsets, frosty designs on frozen windows, getting away with stealing a kiss, getting caught stealing a kiss, trips to nowhere, catching a glimpse of a soaring bird a mile high, losing a tooth, a kitten asleep on its back, helping someone accidentally, missing first place and realizing for the first time you are happier the other person got it, having too many pieces of chewing gum in your mouth, out of tune Christmas carols, opening a door for another because you really wanted to, being too scared to call someone on the phone, realizing a sibling had a reason to be in your life, beaches, wondering if you were worthy, falling into a pile of leaves, almost giving up, mittens with holes in them, having someone forgive you, the tears when he or she left, walking in the woods alone and sensing a presence, realizing your ‘deformity’ meant nothing at all, that first friend that actually listened to you, ice-cold toilet seats, dreams of flying, your favorite song(s), that first note you played on a musical instrument, mind-altering moments, your favorite teacher, forgetting a part of your uniform, the first thing you stole, laughing so hard you fell off the chair, coffee at the exact right time and place, a whiff of your favorite smell, the day your Mom found out, when art first touched you, your first choice between right and wrong, stuff that stained your skin, breakfast in bed, all you can eat crab dinner, your eyes burning from chlorine, crazy car rides, your first real kiss, your first lie, the day your life changed, that time you went too far, the most unexpected thing you ever heard, when it magically started working again, your first car, drive-in movies, the touch of that hand that was most special to you, neighbors, obviously not giving your all, having it all, having nothing, feeling your heart beat, learning to ride a bike, wondering how you fit in, untold inner secrets, a map that folded perfectly the first time, being in awe, your first recollection of peace . . .

and much more will be here tomorrow. ‘The Infinite’ is taking an off-ramp to the uncharted in a different realm.

Please join me in 24 hours and we’ll both understand more.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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