Personal Thought

Well, your acceptance of yesterday’s message was the most underwhelming yet! So, for now, we’ll abandon that aspect of the Infinite, the initiation or invitation part.

Upon rising, I often get an inspirational thought or two, and this morning’s comment from the Infinite was, ‘Where did you get the idea that you were supposed to invite others to MY party!?’

I humbly regressed and apologized, and I apologize to all of you, also, and just mention that if and when a real invitation is given to you, directly from the Source, please pay attention to it. You will not be disappointed.

Let’s bring the conversation down a notch or two and consider ‘personal thoughts’ for a moment. Are they a dying breed?

I get the idea that we humans are fallible and that most of us feel we don’t have enough time and that there are uncertainties in life. But it is as though we take no stand at all and let some book, some video, some other person or entity make up our minds for us.

Yes, we all make mistakes, but what is wrong with that? Mistakes are the most valuable happenings for us to really learn and make true sense out of the world. Instead of making mistakes and capturing the essence of life, we find it easier to read about how someone else did it, how they tackled it and created a personal victory over the concern.

A huge part of this is the availability of social media and the internet. Someone is pondering a subject and texts that subject to a friend. Simple, they Google it, find a YouTube on it or a book written by a favorite author and text it back. That’s what friends are for, right?

Sometimes, we’d like to hear a response from the friend that is not a collaborative answer, not a paraphrase and not something they remember from years ago. The questioner really wants a PERSONAL comment or two from his friend, that has not been diluted nor mixed with some other source. Good luck finding that.

Those type of responses take thinking and time. Friends can and do wonderful things for you and with you. But ‘thinking’? Nah, just Google it or regurgitate someone else’s efforts that they may find.

If you are still with me here, please go one step further. These religions, groups of followers, clubs, mystical beliefs like astrology, books, etc. – where do they come from? How pure is the knowledge upon which that body is founded? Humans do.

Humans do groups. They want to associate and be with others that share the same values. Even if those values are wrong? Even if those values have nothing of a substantive nature to back them up!?

You are allowed, whether you believe it or not, to think for yourself. To reach your OWN conclusions. To be content with your verification process of your beliefs.

You can BE the real you, in your own pure, solid form, and not as an entity of – PIECES OF OTHERS – that you have conveniently packaged together and called ‘yourself’.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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