A New Perspective on the Cookie Jar

Yesterday, we were considering those items in your life that have been self-elevated, given more importance that they deserve. Again, the possibilities could include a relationship, money, job, etc., and the question is, ‘Why do you elevate these things?’ Remember, these desires that you have are from the self – YOU. You built these things up. You supplied the emphasis.

Mentally pick one. Got it? Now, what if (clear your mind and get this . . .) you started to understand the Entity that provides these possibilities? And you began to realize that your spectrum of what is available to you is SO limited. You would soon learn that you have no idea as to the extent to which ‘elevation’ can ascend nor would you know which items SHOULD be raised.

These self-elevated items you have are like gifts under a Christmas tree. They get your attention but are far removed from things which have Infinite value and continue to embolden a person forever.

To experience this highest echelon we must stop injecting our beliefs and our desires into the equation of life. Listen. ‘If you are given the perfect procession of a few choice words they can change your life’. Listen – Accept. Forget all that knowledge and all those platitudes and your ethos – your guiding beliefs.

This is personal. If and when YOUR heart is ready to risk everything to experience the Infinite, all that was just said will resonate. Until then, there will be no change. You’re at that proverbial door. Poking your toe through will do nothing. It requires a command decision that only you can make.

We’ve all been engrained to fight, strive, learn, strategize, be victorious, attest, be dogmatic. But way down deep, in the folds of our mind that are even difficult to access is that little gem we carry around with us that never changes. Perhaps it is our ‘pure’ self. It is so easy to disregard. It is never louder than a soft whisper and a bit contrary. When everyone else is charging, standing up for what they believe, sword in hand, the gem’s most subtle word may be heard, as it whispers, ‘surrender’.

We had touched on love yesterday. Consider what might happen if you begin focusing your Love on nothing but the Infinite. Letting your infatuation center on purity, perfection, and Bliss. What then? Everything begins to fall into place in its CORRECT priority – EFFORTLESSLY! Difficulties and problems evaporate because you are now in tune with Perfection.

And those cookies on the highest shelf? Forgotten, as you can’t reach that far down anyway.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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