The Cookie Jar on the Highest Shelf

You fall in love with someone but you expect more from them than they offer. You build a company but its performance falters and it folds. You have goals for yourself that just seem never to happen.

With all of these, and scores of other expectations, we set ourselves up for being hurt.

Follow this . . . these desires we create are examples of what we love. Our spouse, job or aspiration is held above all other thoughts. The elevation that we give them is in direct proportion to the pain we will endure if those expectations don’t happen.

If you are experiencing anything in your life right now that is troubling you, it’s guaranteed one or more things in your life has been self-elevated and you are paying the price now.

As you sit there this morning, please realize that you and your mind can create a life that is literally unbelievable and unknown to you at this time. The answer comes in the form of thoughts, your thoughts, conspiring with those of the highest order- the Infinite.

May I suggest this as a starting point? If this concept resonates with you, start living with the idea of ‘highest thoughts’. You’ll not have a clue what they are, just begin playing with the idea in your quiet moments. The thoughts that are with you now will not want to go away. Some are cemented in there, others tied to the ground with tethers.

The craziest and most incredible realization here is that the harder we try to eradicate these pests the less they are effected. So, how do we make this happen? We do nothing! There are obvious words that we think should be applicable here, like; ignore, trample, forget, replace – but each of these requires effort and along with the effort is the remembrance of those thoughts from which we want to be free.

The alternative? It is acceptance of our own wonderment. It is ‘allowing’ ourselves the freedom to expand into the Infinite. In the simplest version it is just allowing yourself to ‘BE’ who you really are – ‘Open’ to the highest resources possible.

You think you need a trip to Disney or a cruise as a get-a-way? As your stale roommates in your mind start to evaporate their absence will make room for experiences so profound you will wonder how you lived without them.

We’ll continue tomorrow, going a couple of steps further in this ‘purification’ and then we’ll tie in the love factor and maybe sample a cookie or two.

If you are given the perfect procession of a few choice words they can change your life.

Until tomorrow, think about loftiness and combine that thrill with ALL you do, ALL you see and ALL you think. Float!

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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