The ‘Why?’

In his award-winning talk on TED, ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’, Simon Sinek explains the What? How? and Why? companies exist – with emphasis on the ‘Why?’ Not the idea of making money, but the heart-felt reason your company is in existence. He professes that people don’t buy ‘What you do’ but they buy ‘Why you do it’. I encourage all to view it.

This morning, please allow me to express ‘why’ this blog is written nearly every day.

There is this conception of ‘doing what you love’. It seems like it would be so obvious, just ask yourself and be supplied with the noun, then go and ‘do’ whatever that’ is. Perhaps for some it is that easy. My first recollections of discovery came in high school where history and math were two key subjects. I loved math, history – just the opposite. So, in my perverse way, I just didn’t ‘do’ history. I never had an itinerary. No one even mentioned the idea of doing well in high school and getting into a good college. (At least the idea never registered with me.)

In a nutshell, my B average in school led me to USF for a degree in business management. Whoopie! But nothing in school, or the world for that matter, made SENSE. The world on which I lived continued to lose its value daily. Silence became an excellent substitute for the things that were suppose to be important. Truths about religion and money and a host of other ‘things of value’ became apparent. This world I was in seemed to be infested with termites and they were eating away everything that had no real importance.

Simon’s idea of ‘why?’ became foremost in my mind. Why am I expressing things like I do? What is the highest, most lofty way of doing anything?

The ‘Infinite’ came along and mitigated the concern admirably. The wisp of an idea that is supposed to be the place ‘out beyond’ the things of this world as Rumi so beautifully posited. True, not true? A real place? Who knows – no one. But it works for me. A home above. A place of solitude, wonderment and Bliss. It’s rent free. Not much to do there but the rewards are beyond your imagination.

I fail miserably at communicating on a worldly level, I can’t follow any leader or individual, I have no time for the superficial, trivial or noise. The only action that makes any sense is to Listen.

Somewhere we all have picked up an ‘inner voice’ that we use to help us negotiate the choices we make each day. I am perfecting a muzzle for that inner voice so Listening becomes that much more easy.

Well, that’s my Why? – to Listen for answers, thoughts and communication that are elevated. Interestingly, I had no choice in doing this. This isn’t some undertaking I took on because of a personal desire. It was mandated by the Infinite, as is everything – almost everything – that I do. It will continue until the word ‘Stop’ is given.

Until then, I thank each of you for being there. It’s about 6:30, the sun is slowly brushing the darkness away. The curtain is going up on another day of wonderment. Just to sit back and watch; who enters, who leaves, interesting occurrences, insights, feelings. It is all Magic. Feel the rain, or just get wet. (Dylan, I think.)

The ‘Why?’ in business, or your life is the most in-depth concept you can have about who you really are and why you are here, now.

How is your Why? Is it working – for YOU? Can you feel it? Is it brutally accurate? Might it need a little nudge? Take a second to Listen for your answer.

It’s right on the tip of the Infinite’s tongue.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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    What you’ve written this morning supports the message I intend to give next Sunday…about why, how and what we take on as our beliefs…then, now, and beyond…thanks Kumi!


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