Wee Paws

Ever have one of those jaw-dropping thoughts just pop-up in your mind? It may be the perfect answer to a question or the presentation of the best itinerary?

An in-depth way of looking at our lives is this . . . We are like sculptors and what we produce – a story, a song, a life! – is ‘formed’ through us. The raw materials needed are brought together in some magical way called consciousness and our ‘product’ is created.

Let’s say you sit down to write a poem. With pen in hand and a blank page underneath, what happens? Nothing – a pause must come first to gather the information and strategy and then to allow them to be put into words.

These pauses are what determine the quality of our product and they can be assisted by our knowledge of a subject, our ability to rhyme, etc., but we can jump a step or two forward and realize we ‘form’ our lives, also.

In every instant of our lives we can pause and during that pause, even if for a second, we can reason further, allow higher thoughts to penetrate, consider more fully who and what we are addressing. We’ve all said things we regret. Pauses can reduce the possibility of that happening again. Pauses are also responsible for perfect timing.

If we so desire, each of us can build up an arsenal of higher thoughts that we can insert wherever we wish – in a pause of our creation. Any conversation can be elevated, made more happy, more intriguing, more mysterious – just by the use of pauses.

And so can any life.

Little puppies have wee paws – and look how well they get along.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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