The Decision to Label This, ‘the decision to label this.’

Ever think about the reasons a decision is finally acted upon? There’s everything from deep continual thought over a long period to – ‘What the hell? I’m doing it.’

The process can be accomplished with; a friend, a bottle of scotch, pain, worry, ecstasy, doubt, certainty, love, hate, hopes and many more possibilities. And no matter what accompanies the decision, we feel it was the best one we could have made at that time.

The conclusions we make become like lit up street signs that continue to direct our paths until their validity is challenged. They make us who we are. Our every action is determined by what we have told ourselves over the years. There is power in decision making even if the decisions are good or bad.

You are sitting there right now feeling some type of composure which is being determined by your past decisions. If your contentment, self-confidence and bliss levels are all within your acceptable range you are excused from reading further. If not, please indulge yourself in a few more paragraphs.

As the years roll by we all have the opportunity to learn more about who we really are. We change jobs, move, become empty-nesters, lose someone or gain someone and we experience ourselves in new and different environments. New questions arise which require new decisions to answer them. How about this tactic . . .

There are elections that you can make that give you access to your ‘inner secret’, that place that brings you the greatest joy and bliss. You can make decisions so that just the appearance of one of THOSE illuminated street signs makes you smile, every time. Not just green lights at every intersection but where you also receive $100.00 in the form of happiness whenever you pass through any of them.

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your decisions are completely up to you, but once the time appears for action, bring your secrets of bliss and harmony to life. If they are now living, make them more poignant, more aggressive. Once established in the form you most prefer, decide to make it your own and from that point do not allow anything into your life that does not build on that – your – chosen self-image.

There are no limitations here. There’s an old saying that goes something like, ‘There’s a bad life standing in the way of a mediocre life. There’s a good life standing in the way of a fabulous life!’ Ponder your inner secret, the one that makes just you smile in the most elevated way. Your ‘next’ life is but a thought away.

Make decisions that allow that Bliss – whatever that Bliss is for YOU –

to become foremost in your life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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