Unexpected Finish Lines

The role I try to play in this blog, and in life, is not to just solve problems but to prevent them from happening in the first place. I’ll use ‘religion’ as an example here because everybody gets the message that way.

Think of any acquaintance you have. It is quite easy to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the depth of that person’s religiosity with factors like; if and where the individual attends, with whom, level of piousness, frequency of attending, involvement in ancillary endeavors, etc. Another metric that may be considered is the comfort level of their chosen religion.

The choice of religion each person makes is based on his or her priorities. If their priority is ‘peace’, once that level of peace is experienced, the search is over. Their spouse is happy there, the kids find it O.K. – done! Maybe the priority is more about assuring that many people enjoy the religion so a church with thousands of members is picked. Or, the criteria may be how well the institution holds up to intellectual scrutiny or the amount of love shared, or a host of other possibilities.

Once your priority has been met – the search ends. The questioning end. The possible elevation of knowledge of the subject dies. The desire to revisit is buried.


Your selection, would it work if you were Hindu? Can its tenets stand up on their values anywhere? Is it universally accepted or accepted only by you and your select friends because of the overlap of your priority lists?

The sad and SPIRITLESS revelation here is that once our choice has been made the questioning about the entire subject stops. ‘I’m happy, my family’s happy, it works – FOR ME’ – and what follows is a complete disregard for anything that may challenge the validity of your choice. ‘I’ve found what works for me twenty years ago, don’tcha know?’

Is it of universal value? Would it play in Iran? How perfect is its source? Is there anything better? Do you care?

Things, facts, knowns, unknowns, the extent of our knowledge – change on a daily basis. Do they, could they, should they be taken into consideration periodically?

My guess? The finish line will become more illuminated.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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