I Doubt It

For a few weeks now the concept of ‘ambiguity’ has caught my attention, especially within the realm of all the myriad words that are bantered about in the spiritual. Love, Spirit, heart, soul, god, belief, religion, denomination, translation – and the list continues. These, and most other words, live in a sea of uncertainty and are used by everyone while talking, writing and establishing principles.

A few days ago I noticed the first chapter of a book someone had sent me and it started off by giving ten definitions of ‘love’ – the author’s definitions – who then started building yet another edifice (book) on those abstractions, just like building a block wall with pseudo-blocks.

Consider, please, that every word we use to communicate with each other is of similar quality – abstractions at best. Going a little deeper we realize that this is the best we have! Abstractions giving birth to other abstractions, ambiguity authoring other ambiguity.

So, now, what about ‘dogmatism’ (opinions given very strongly as if they are facts)? Should dogmatism even be allowed? We are playing with probabilities here and even the percentages are guesses. Everything is a guess. What is that in front of you holding your coffee, a porcelain cup? Atoms bonded together? Used to be, now it’s ‘known’ that they are vibrating particles that blink in and out of existence. And that ‘known’ will be updated in a few years. And yet, our dogmatism varies not.

I know my god is the only god, my belief about about reincarnation is absolutely true because of what? No one knows what a cup is and yet we, in our human wisdom, can and do dogmatically tell ourselves and others about everything, abstractly extracting ‘knowns’ from other abstracts and deliver the results – DOGMATICALLY!

If anyone out there wants to share their reason or reasons for doing this, please, PLEASE, let me know. And if you believe there is a rationale to accompany it, that would be most welcome also.

Me? I don’t ‘know’ anything. I love saying ‘I don’t know’ to everything. The Infinite? I sense there is something higher. That’s it. Is it true? I have no idea. And really who cares anyway?

But this idea of ‘dogmatism’ maybe shouldn’t be ignored. As the cause for all the divisiveness that ever has been or ever will be, maybe it shouldn’t be ignored.

I don’t know.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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