A Stunningly Perfect Life

What are your feelings telling you right now . . . This is a big problem. How can I fix this? I need more _____ ? If only I could _____ ? To get in touch with what you REALLY need, your ‘feelings’ are the best resource.

Use these moments as a time of listening and self-contemplation. Exclude all recollections of information from books and from others. Turn off the switch that enables all those sets of ideas from religions or past beliefs.

Let yourself become sensitive to those strange pulls of what you truly love and to your ‘core’, that essence that is the deepest you and the part that never changes. Don’t allow anything to corral your dreaming here. Dispel any worldly limitations that may try to impose themselves on you.

From this Magic spot you are free to create YOUR own world. What you contemplate as the Law of your being, becomes the Law of your being. There are no limitations.

Your ‘rules’ for your life can be as straightforward as an arrow or as paramount and excitingly complex as your elevation will allow.

Examples . . . In my life nothing goes wrong. I have perfect health. Art seeks me. My words assist others and never cause harm. I can bring peace to any situation. The reach of my mind is continually extending. I live in perfect peace.

This list, YOUR list, can be any length. It can capture and preside over thoughts that perhaps only you can conceive.

The phrase, ‘You made your bed and you have to lie in it’ comes to mind. These ideas that you may usher into your life can be extremely powerful, depending on the depth of belief you have in them. If ‘peace’ is a part of your new realm then your ‘bed’ and your words and what you associate with will all have a new respective association with ‘peace’.

As these ideas form, listen for little nudges along the way. Suggestions that may encourage more of something, or less. Those nudges will be the highest and most subtle ideas you will ever experience.

These ‘self-formulated rules’ are the true Magic, YOUR true Magic.

When they are instilled and obeyed – Freedom appears.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. It’s all about HEART…where the REAL MAGIC resides…listen, feel, listen, feel, listen, etc., etc, etc.


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