Fodder Away than I Thought

I just got off the phone with my friend Gary in Hawaii and we hit on an idea, very much in the infant stage, but of considerable merit. The how-to part of the equation has not even been broached, but here is the concept.

Hate is now a word describing harsh emotions only dichotomies can bring about, like; opposing religions, republican/democrat, ad nauseam.

The idea is to somehow bring participants from differing sides together. Consider this. . .

You bring a person from each side into a closed room and focus on one aspect of the ‘common ground’ that they might share, let’s say – they both want to continue breathing. As the available air reduces they realize that they must help each other perform a task like opening a valve which requires the effort of at least two people.

The task is completed and they both live and also they both now have more respect for the other.

Please, this is just the CONCEPT, but can the concept be amended to viable circumstances? Maybe the two persons become two GROUPS of people. Maybe it’s not the amount of air in question but the amount of clean water. Perhaps the task is getting the two opposing forces to realize and act on a unique solution which requires continual, mutual effort.

Could the two groups be countries, or virtual ideas? Could the common ground be like playing in a sandbox or mandated to childhood principles? Could joviality be a must for the process? Could the players be silent and directed from above? Could the prize for completion be that the participants are paid to share their findings with others and to help bring into existence other similar formats?

Peace to all.

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  1. On to something important…keep evolving this idea…creating conscious conversations…revealing how we might be much more alike than different. Joining opposing ideas for a common cause of peace…sign me up!


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