Sticks and Cloth in Far Away Places

These daily blogs come from nowhere. Each morning the Infinite supplies me with a word or two of Divine nature and a couple of paragraphs emerge from them, couched in some area of the Infinite.

This morning was a tad different in that I was led to a thought about the moon and then to a few words I had written years ago about the moon landing. In essence it said, ‘What if, instead of sticking only our flag into the moon’s surface, we had stuck all the flags of all the countries on Earth into the surface?’

Can you ponder the spirit of unification that act would have brought about!? A supreme unilateral action for the benefit of all. A wish for ‘us’ – all the inhabitants of this amazing planet – as one. A perspective change revealing ‘us’ in our part of the Infinite.

I searched for a picture showing all the flags flying together at one place, but apparently there isn’t one, at least not on Google.

Maybe, just maybe, this idea is a start or a seed to reverse the proliferation of discrimination and hate throughout the world on which we live. Granted, we are far down that stream of decisiveness, but the mere depiction of all countries at peace, all at once, may provide ground fertile enough for growth.

And, it would make the Infinite so proud.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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