So Good You Cry

Foremost, I want to thank everyone who has been with me in any way since the inception of this blog. It is so wonderful to have friends with which to share, and in the spirit of Christmas and giving may I express the following in hopes that the benefits from it imbue your life in the highest ways.

Since childhood, like most, I had a few songs that were just so good they made me cry. That was fine except you had to wait hours to hear them on the radio. Then came records and tapes but along with your favorite songs came ten others you could care less about. Napster! Remember? You could select just your favorite songs and put them in a list – alone! We now have Spotify and other possibilities but I am in no way encouraging anyone to go signup for these. But you may have another area of passion to which this concept may apply.

The point to all of this is, those couple of songs that you absolutely love – that are So Good You Cry – are almost sacred to us. Those ‘tears of joy’ (Bliss) were something I wanted to hold on to, forever! And when the opportunity came to do that I spent hours (years, really) listening, culling, comparing until I had a playlist that was perfect – for me.

I know this sounds trite, but knowing that that perfect hideaway was there was most comforting and it enabled the Infinite to expand in me. In like manner I’d cull quotes and pithy sayings, keeping those that resonated and discarding all the others. Then came Photoshop and the same process was applied to pictures.

This process of selecting and amplifying what you want in your life and discarding everything else is responsible for everything that I am. By implementing it you begin to distinguish the concept of purity and Bliss from things that do not share that trait. You begin to say ‘no’ to activities that do not include Bliss.

The things that you love won’t coincide with what was shared here. Just take those areas where your passion lies, where there exists beauty that makes you cry and use them. Embrace them, exalt them. Ascend into your personal Bliss with them, live in them.

Bliss – perfect and complete happiness with no cause.

Accentuate what you love, build on it, dream on it, let it blossom and fill your life. If there is something you don’t love or even if it is borderline or questionable, let it go. If you don’t it may spoil other things that are perfect. Don’t ever take that chance.

Last thought . . . If you are really onboard here you’ll want to consider that what we deem as perfect for ourselves or is of the highest order for ourselves is most likely incorrect. Whenever there are blanks to fill in like; our favorite _____ or the best _____, turn all that over to the Infinite and listen for those answers. Those answers are never wrong when done that way.

With tears in my eyes I wish Happy Holidays to all – and Bliss to every heart. ❤️

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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