Uncertain Sculpturing

‘Bliss’ is at the top of the stack of attributes I want as part of my life. This ‘Bliss’ is a feeling of total euphoria – with no cause. There are many happenings in life that bring complete happiness and joy, but enjoying euphoria in your default position is supreme.

This ‘Uncertain Sculpturing’ is the most personally rewarding adventure possible, mainly because you are just an observer of it – you are indeed the subject too, but you also are the observer.

In its most pure form this is just about the sculpting of YOUR perfect – PERFECT – life, and you play no role in the conception other than Listening.

It is best to start with a clean slate; abandoning all your beliefs (not saying you will, declaring you can change them or just mentioning some lessened degree to which they rule your life) but complete disassociation. This is freedom, of the utmost kind – untethered, unbiased, unclaimed.

From there, the sculpting can begin because listening is NOW possible. Hear, notice, discover what factors you want in your perfect life and then let them happen to you, welcome them in, experiment with them.

Let’s say you want a perfect diet. Open yourself up to that realm – all of it. Try all things that are offered. Importantly here is to take note of the facets that don’t add to your Bliss and exclude them. Then, let this become your life in the food arena. Celebrate it, love it. And if something about it is not perfect – slice it off – and add back what is needed to make it perfect.

Let the desired topics of your life appear TO you, don’t pick them yourself. Listen, experience, perfect. Repeat.

The stage, your stage, is waiting for you to appear. Ridden with Bliss, daring another sector of life to appear that heretofore hasn’t been perfected.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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