Belief to the Death

If you have watched any of the recent governmental hearings you readily understand the concept of dichotomies – a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups. Of course dichotomies are not limited to just the political realm of republicans and democrats. There are people who are; believers/non-believers, pro guns/against guns, pro-abortion/against abortion, etc.

As evidenced daily in the news and elsewhere, if one person, or group of people, share a belief there is almost always a group in opposition to them and there is no telling how vehement their differences may become.

Is it not possible that a third type of individual could come into being, call him an ‘understander’, who would be desirous of not taking sides? A person with patience and wisdom who would never use the phrase ‘I believe . . .’ but instead be more interested in the validity of what is going on and have NO allegiance to the beliefs he might hold.

Using religion as an example, almost everyone has his or her belief – about EVERYTHING concerning religion. Yes there is a god. No there is not. God lives in every atom in the universe. God only lives in our hearts. God sees your every move and thought. No he or she doesn’t. Just about everyone has their opinions of this unable-to-be-known realm.

With 200+ religions out there, many folks, if not all, are wrong, and some take the atheism route that also has its gradations of exclusivity. No one knows for certain the answers to any of these dichotomies so why, WHY? does there have to be all these assumed beliefs in people’s minds that they rely on with every fiber of their being?

Shouldn’t the appropriate response given to a question pertaining to dichotomies be something like, ‘I am not sure, but it may be . . .?’ If no one knows for certain, why does everyone have to take sides, don their dogmatic armor and prepare for war?

This is basically our way of life. Consider a subject, choose your side and fight anyone who disagrees, at least until you are dissuaded and join the other side! To what end? Winning? Causing unhappiness? Causing hate?

Hopefully, as an ‘understander’, I never share my ‘beliefs’. A suggestion, anytime. A possibility, bring it on.

Instead of hearing ‘I believe . . .’ in the future, how beautiful it would be to hear others say ‘My understanding up to now is . . .’ Arguments would disappear and be replaced by discussions. Talks would bring people together instead of separating them.

All the ‘hate’ that is metastasizing throughout our lives today is because of dichotomies that are being mishandled.

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  1. Perhaps you could put it this way:
    I believe this right now…and I am open to changing that belief.
    Everyone has a right to change their mind…everyone has a right to hold a certain belief. Free Will ROCKS!!!


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