Default Position

With the addition of IT (information technology) to our lives the term ‘default’ is now a word we see almost everyday. It is that status or position that is selected FOR us, with no active consideration on our part.

When there is a concern to be addressed, a problem to be solved or a decision to be made – from what ‘status’ do we address this issue? If there is no awareness, our starting position is going to be a heap of worldly disillusionment where we still use our worn out, biased algorithms and means of solving things that we have used our entire lives.

An alternative is this – take whatever your concern is to a higher level. Begin above! Get a complete understanding of the issue and then let it go. Await answers that will come from a higher realm. They will be answers perfect for you, without bias or conflict. And just as important as the answers, you will experience viewing your life from a more lofty perspective. You’ll notice more of the parts and how they fit together, and maybe some parts they should be discarded.

Stop allowing your answers to come from anyone or anything. Be proactive in how you select what is best – for you. Permit only the finest thoughts to makeup your life.

With a few attempts, this strategy may become your ‘default’ position.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. In my circle we say go to God, Infinite Intellegence, Divine Life(however, whatever you call your Higher Power) first…and then listen to what you are guided to do next.


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