How’s that agenda coming along today? Got all the pieces connected to their respective times and the entire day strategized perfectly? Know what you’re going to say and are all of your notes in order? And what about the suggestions you will make to others, are they ready to go, too?

Have you heard of the Super-App? An ingenious device that not only handles the logistics of your day perfectly but coordinates feelings, emotions and ideas to your best advantage. It removes all guesswork from your schedule and optimizes the time you spend with anyone or anything, giving you more time for yourself which enables your choices to be more plentiful.

Other subtle, ancillary benefits are that people and resources will be brought to you as you need them. Opportunities that were up until now hidden, will now appear and bloom before your eyes. Secrets about how to achieve most favorable outcomes will be presented for your use.

How, you may ask, can this be possible?

Your human mind is a work of art, and its capacities are almost limitless. The method to boost its power immediately is to admix its power with the Infinite. To ‘hand over the reins’ to the Infinite, to rely on its perfection for everything. When you come up with a supposed correct path for your life you have so limited what could happen. Think of what may happen if all the possibilities for your life are considered and the best one is chosen for you!

Apple hasn’t perfected its version of this app yet, so in the meantime it may be best to give the Infinite a try by just relinquishing control of your actions to It. No explanations are necessary, It knows you better than you know yourself. Relax and enjoy the accompanying peace It brings.

Then, again, there is that one facet that enables all this Magic to happen – Listening.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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