Your Masterpiece

We all were a masterpiece at birth. We had life, a heartbeat, feelings, the ability to think, heal, see, hear, touch, taste and smell. And, for the most part, we still do have all these capacities and they all get used continually. Perhaps even to the extent of being jaded?

But at the table of life, the cards keep being dealt and sometimes you are given that ‘Old Maid’ and you can’t get rid of her. Like a tenacious adhesive, even long after being dealt to you, she remains. And there may be others called ‘the circumstances of life’.

These ‘circumstances’ have unique methods of intermeshing and one little knot can grow into a morass of entanglement which can even cause some to abandon their masterpiece.

This is so unfortunate because included, but not listed above, is the capacity to ‘listen’. Not ‘hear’ – but LISTEN. The difference is that ‘listening’ requires ‘paying attention’ to the source and making that source the only sound possible to hear at one time.

Call that ‘source’ anything you want, I’ll use the word ‘Infinite’. This ‘source’ is the matrix of pure, perfect thought and information. Listening opens the door, but its secrets must be wooed to be heard. The Infinite must be flirted with and courted. It is all about you coming up to Its level and not about It descending to yours.

The Infinite is about Purity, not your kind of purity – but Purity. If and when you decide this is for you, the idea is that when you seek, you bring nothing with you – no desires, no suggestions, no plans, no intellect, no agenda – nothing. You don’t even have to bring your concern. It knows exactly what you need.

The Old Maid is clinging to your Masterpiece and brings her own form of contamination.

Your ONLY duty is – to Listen – and feel her losing her grip.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Not sure about flirting and courting the Infinite Wisdom, Intellegence, Love of Life Itself…my take is that the Infinite is always available…our job is to make ourselves available to It…wooing wanting willing to reveal Itself…always.
    It is not apart from us…It is the Essence of who and what we are…It is in every atom and cell of our being, Infinite Intellengence, Infinite Life is.
    I agree with the ‘Listening’…Listening is a practice…a discipline…Listening first and then being willing to discern the still small voice of Purity always wanting and willing to guide and show the way.
    This is my take…take it or leave it…in any case I appreciate the conversation…I hope more will join in!

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