Life = (pick an emotion) x (changes that occur)

We get to pick an emotion from a spectrum of possibilities. Think of substituting ‘opulent’ or ‘infinite’ as the emotion. A surprise occurs and you immediately multiply it with opulence! What do you get? New forms of opulence!

There is the negative side, too. You choose ‘anger’ as your emotion and what happens? You get new, varied forms of that emotion. Surprises and opportunities now bring nothing but hurt and reflection of how bad your life is.

The choice of emotions is up to you. A change occurs and let’s say it hurts a bit. Perhaps a friend has said something unkind and this puts you on a short pathway where you immediately feel sad that this happened. But quickly you come to a critical fork in the road. Veering one way attests to your forgiveness. You latch on to your chosen emotion of let’s say happiness and multiply happiness times what has happened – and all is at peace.

Veering the other way indicates you have chosen,let’s say, ‘anger’. It is almost an unconscious decision but one with tremendous ramifications. It declares that you are ready to hold that animosity in your heart forever,if needed. It proclaims that you are satisfied with the accompanying bitterness and that you recognize that that bitterness will take up space in your heart where love or happiness could go.

All this, boils down to one key trait – Dignity. The idea that a person can walk tall and be happy about the decisions he or she has made, not only for himself or herself, but for everyone. It is choosing openness, not closure. Freedom, not fences. Purity, not contamination. Compassion, not self-centeredness. Health, not injury.

You might want to estimate the number of days you have allowed negative emotions to affect your life, and then ponder how your life may have been today had you veered in the other direction.

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  1. Your absolute best yet blog Kumi!
    This needs to go out to the masses!
    It’s time to sign up for OPULENCE!!! Where’s the dotted line…ready willing able now!!!


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