Your Crowning Achievement

This ‘highest point’ of your life is often called the Capstone and it is usually associated with closing the big deal or buying your ultimate toy. If the wealth aspect is taken away there are still other worldly achievements that could claim that position like; a great family or a noble position of giving in your community.

But of utmost interest here is the fact that anything can attain that highest position because it is our mind which dictates importance to us.

As an example, suppose you are standing, looking out over the ocean, and a flood of heavenly emotions fills your whole being. A new world has opened up to you and its wonders are inexpressible. Mesmerized, you stand and take in as much of the wonder as possible until the source abates.

Then, through the bliss, the little question appears, asking ‘is this the best, is this the highest?’ You try to reimagine its splendor, but there are no words fit for remembrance. All you can remember is that there – was – something very special that happened and that you were apart of it.

Shortly thereafter, as with all dichotomies, the other end of the spectrum comes into view. Like a curtain of outdated wallpaper, a sheet descends showing all of your past accomplishments here on earth, leaving you with the haunting question – ‘From where do I select my capstone?’

Is it going to be a solid, stable, tangible item – or one so abstract you won’t even be able to tell your friends about it?

The attainment of an answer – for you – is vital.

The attainment of the perfect answer – for you – is Magic.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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