The Vertigo of Unfamiliarity

Chapter One

[ ]

The End.

Birth, death. Spread the brackets apart and all you have is a less dense perfect vacuum. The brackets signify everything. Birth, death. Front cover, back cover. Each of us separates them with our own chapters of nothingness. Page after perfectly numbered page. Parentheses within brackets. Quantities to the nth power. All equaling zero.

Inception, open bracket. Death, close bracket. Open this book, open bracket. Close this book, the dynamism continues on. Try to forget these words and the energy builds. There is no second bracket after you have read this far. Take your last breath on this plateau. We’ll now capsize headfirst into a lake of pandemonium, and crack our skulls open as we hit our heads on the bottom of the pool of incomprehensibility.

Unimaginable . . Can you sense it? Listen to the magnitude. See the blood-curdling tension. Explore the heartbeat of your circumstances. Let the nectar of your mind sit in your mouth until it detonates your voice. Then scream before the opportunity is taken away forever.

Oh, if we had to force ourselves into existence and lay ourselves open to the unoffending insensitivity of the cosmos.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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