Exercise or Exorcise?

For those of us over fifty, consider . . .

We are conditioned since birth that more is good. More knowledge is great. So, if we find the right solution, we’ll be ahead – closer to the win. So, we exercise and play with our ‘knowns’. We use them as answers to questions and to facilitate our thinking.

Could some or all of those knowns be wrong? Could they?

Under fifty, we are usually a sponge for knowledge, adding all we can each day. The other option, of course, is to drop something everyday from our minds. Is it not possible that these thoughts and beliefs we have accumulated are nothing but false perceptions that we use over and over each day?

What about an exorcism? Wiping the blackboard and slowly eliminating the untrue and creating free space into which the mind can expand? Can you conceive of something more beautiful and liberating? Unbiased thinking! Absolute freedom to view anything from any perspective.

Find that trash can that is open and empty. Start slowly with just one belief. Throw it in there. Let the lid slam shut. Walk away. Feel the way you now want to float. There’ll be another can right around the next bend. Listen for directions.

Then, float again.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. New name for Kumi’s work.
    🕵 The Kumorcism Method.
    Get yourself a big dose of Reality…let go of the old…get rid of the illusion…
    and wake up out of the dream forgetting your Original Self!!!


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