A World We’ll Never Know

Fascinating it would be to get a glimpse of who we would be and what we would believe if, while growing up, we weren’t immersed in the matrix of teachers, parents, friends, books and all other sources of information. Can you even imagine how removed we are from that pristine version of ourselves?

‘He who acts in contradiction to his beliefs’ is a definition of hypocrisy, and let’s call the self who grew up with no influences our ‘purer’ self. The disparity of who we are now compared to our purer self may be staggering. Consider your own level of hypocrisy.

Religions exist because of hypocrisy.

And, perhaps there is a kinship between us and our purer self. Just maybe, that person from this ‘world we’ll never know’ is who we really are but we can’t even recognize our true selves because of all the information that has been inflicted on us.

Who wants to be admired for what he pretends to be?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. How can one have an original thought? Isn’t everything we have ever thought influenced by the language we speak…a means of communication/a language created by others.
    And…if there was no language would we create or could we create a new way?


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