Putting Reality on Hold

We all want to get away – put a schism or fissure between us and reality in an effort to what ā€“ get more acquainted with ourselves?

So many years steering the same boat. The captain’s chair is worn. And with so few destinations! Back and forth, usually. Just back and forth.

We try to augment the trips with personalities, and that helps a bit, but all too soon we realize these bandages only cover the underlying void for that elusive ultimate newness.

Each day we gloss over this concern and even if it becomes important- again – we pretend it’s not important even though, deep down, we know that coming in contact with anything that even resembled an ‘answer’ could be life changing.

So, we conjure, contemplating past anythings from personal experiences from books, dreams, movies, etc. And by doing that, by imposing our thoughts and our views of how life ‘should be’ we preclude the Magic from appearing. Because we ‘conjure’ – we inhibit – the surreal.

P.S. No offerings for a week – it’s cruise time.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Let’s congure up a Magical Cruise!
    Or better put let the cruise congure up Magic for us!
    Or…let’s let Magic be the conguror! šŸš¢


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