On Deck Batter

Peeking out through the guardrail around my bed this morning, there was the same mental ball field with that agile, but pesky, shortstop wielding his golden glove.

Try as I may to hit a couple over the fence before arising, what was produced were a few dribblers that were gobbled up immediately and thrown out at first base.

Tried different bats, new batting stances, even new shoes. Still, just dribblers.

‘There’s a base hit into the gap.’ Oh, those words bring such joy. ‘It’s a line-drive off the center field wall!’ Think about it. There’s clapping, high-fiving, joy and team spirit. Everyone is elevated.

We, also, can generate that team spirit. If one of these morning paragraphs elicits a desire in you to comment, PLEASE jot it down in the ‘reply’ window. I’ll assure everyone will see it, we all can add to it, and we can say goodbye to the shortstop.

‘It’s going, going, gone!’

Bring it on.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Take me out to the ball game!
    Buy me some peanuts and jackernuts…I don’t care if he ever gets up!


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