Relying on the Given

While out on a tangent yesterday an epiphany smacked me so hard it may have dislodged a shoe from a tree on Venus.

I pondered my boldness in creating my ‘Infinite religion’ and then having the gall to try to sell it to you, and many others. With clarity, in retrospect, I see I was doing just what I hate to have done to me. I humbly ask for your forgiveness.

And, as no good epiphany can occur without the dropping of once ‘critical’ information, all that crap of individual religions, etc., has been forgotten. In its place is this: giving an opportunity to the idea of experiencing others in the raw, i.e., without them sharing anything about what they have ‘learned’ via other minds. Stripping away all facades and interacting with people in their ‘pure’ state.

People try to fit pieces together to form a life – but those pieces are all suggestions from someone else. We create our own versions of life as if our true self is not good enough. This leads to people talking about their take on reality, what they have put together and call themselves. Then they argue about who is more correct.

Can we even consider; who we are, with nothing attached? Who we are when all of our beliefs have been let go? Free from all of our contaminates, what will we say then? What will we do?

That ‘inner secret’ within us all, when all of our confines have been eliminated, what will it do then? When we finally shut up and hand the reins over to THAT, where will we go then?

Where will we go then?

stay tuned . . .

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Who are we with nothing attached?
    ✅In AWE
    ✅Beyond anything we have known or can imagine.


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