I sit with you basking in Oneness.

You say something. And I think, ‘That’s not what I would have said. I don’t even agree with your comment.’

We’re one! We’re one? I get it, we’re all made up of the same kind of tiny particles. Does that make us ‘one’? Two identical piles of food and seasonings are on a table. I make dinner out of one and Bobby Flay makes dinner out of the other batch. Are they ‘one’? Certainly not if you have to eat the one I prepared.

While we’re sitting together it seems more correct to say we are in Twoness.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Thinking is what separates.
    When we let go of all thought of this and that…right and wrong…there is a field…I’ll meet you…as One there.


  2. In the field out there beyond your judgement and my judgement there is space…the Infinite is the SPACE…we have created the separation…let’s enter the SPACE together…play !


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