Brutally Honest

On this actually ‘cool’ Saturday morning, with Kitty in my lap, and myriad thoughts bouncing around in my skull vying for recognition, distillation has directed me to share the following . . .

The snippets that I have begun sending out are going to Marcia, Gary and Frank, three wonderful people that have never met, but somehow I have become a hub linking us together in some esoteric way.

I don’t do ‘love’ well, at all. I can do ‘lust’ – and ‘friendship’ for awhile. But ‘love’ remains an unknown. What I do know is that you three are the closest things to ‘love’ that I know. I am honored, in the highest degree, to be associated with each one of you.

As I search through my box of assets I find nothing that would in any way qualify me to be your friend. And contrariwise there is my unending capacity to be judgmental, condescending and selfish.

I’m sure you realize that these snippets that are sent out are for me, really, to clarify my thinking. But I try to do them well because they are going to you, Marcia, to you, Gary and to you, Frank – in hopes they are of some value.

This blog has focused my morning attention on you folks as I am led to putting words together and I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t thank each of you for your uniqueness, compassion and brilliance.

Kitty has just jumped down, so I will close by saying, ‘Thank you, thank each of you, for just being there for me. I am deeply indebted to all of you.’

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  1. Kumi,
    I am touched by your words, thoughts and feelings. I am blessed by our strange, mystical, magical relationship.
    You have challenged my thinking and all my beliefs!
    You have been a catalyst for honing my ability to accept others unconditionally.
    You bring absurdity and contradiction to a new level of experience.
    You are the most adorable, silly, frustrating, funny, deep, deep, deep mysterious man I have ever known.
    And I can say without a doubt that love has taken on a whole new meaning in how I feel about you and how I feel about life since we met over a year ago.
    *And so much more….in fact…Infinitely more than I ever thought/ believed possible…so…Kumi…all the thanks go to you!
    💕Missed the Saturday dance…would have gone but what for… awfully different without you…don’t get around much anymore!🎶
    You probably wouldn’t dance with me anyway!❤


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