Question at the Core

I ask you this . . .

Why is it that each of us has to be so adamant about our beliefs? In discussion here are beliefs we have about all things uncertain such as words in the context of religion, such as; soul, heart, god, spirit, etc.

It is as if we are mandated to take a firm stance on every word we utter that is in that realm. We say ‘my god’ with all the zeal we can muster, every time. This is My God!

People have beliefs. But – why must we imbue them with such certainty that we would sooner die over their validity rather than appending a phrase such as ‘I’m pretty sure’ to our beliefs?

There are hundreds of possible gods out there. How can you be certain of any of them, including your own, is the right one? Or, that any of them exist?

Wars are fought, people die, because of this. Ponder the changes, please, if everyone, when speaking about these beliefs, inserted, ‘I may be wrong . . .’ before continuing.

My question here is not about which god, which car, which restaurant is the right one. The question is WHY do we have to be so adamant about our choices?

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  1. Perhaps the ‘WHY’ to your question could be that the ego wants to be right…it creates a sense of arrogance and righteousness. A false sense of security created in the mind to maintain control…control over the masses and control over ones own sense of fear of the unknown.


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