Yesterday I was wondering about our society

and how many of the beliefs that we have, are ours

and not the result of our copying them from

an author, a preacher, a business person, etc.?

The idea of thinking for ourselves, about anything,

has evaporated. Even the most industrious, when confronted

with a conundrum, leaves his or her reasoning power and searches

for answers anywhere but his or her own mind.

When we realize that everything we do is determined by what is in

our mind, this concern may be adequately illuminated.

We wonder why the world is fraught with disagreements and war,

and yet practically all of us negotiate life with nothing more than a

composite of a few UNINSPECTED ideas we have, over the years,

accepted and adopted from others.

And these – direct our every step and influence our every

word and thought.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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