We have had the idea of ‘learning’ since childhood. We learned the ABC’s, multiplication tables, etiquette, etc.

Later in life we learn about emotions, empathy, our vocation, and for most folks, that is sufficient. We learn the used words and sayings of a subject, it’s ‘ parlance’, and use them as our only basis for doing our job. They are our only form of expertise.

For some of us, that is not enough.

There is much more than just learning that we can do for any subject and to do that is called ‘understanding’.

Understanding begins to evolve when we step back and notice the full essence of the idioms that we say in a total perspective. Consider an idiom you might say . . .

A preacher might say ‘let us pray’. In just those three words comes the ideas that; the preacher believes in prayer, there is a reason for praying, there is an entity being prayed to, there is some value in the action, it is an action we all can do, we all should do this, this is an appropriate time for this, something positive may be received from this, this is high on the list of all things we could be doing, there may be extra value in doing this collectively, it is part of the preacher’s parlance, and, it is possible not to pray.

Each vocation has similar sayings, but for betterment, the purveyor of these statements should be concerned with their ‘significance’.

Does ‘let us pray’ mean that the preacher has thoroughly researched ALL other possibilities of what he or she could recommend at a given juncture? It should. To suggest signifies much. To suggest nothing also signifies much.

This is the beginning of understanding. To know, not only what your sayings immediately imply, but how much deep thought has been put into each saying as to; where it came from, the validity of the source, the capriciousness of it, are there better ways to convey the message, how would this saying stand up to the scrutiny of the universe?

Understanding means to comprehend ALL the parts and how each may interact with all other possible components.

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  1. *A desire to learn is a desire to understand.
    *Understanding at the point of one’s capacity to comprehend what one desires to embody and express.
    *Perhaps prayer is a desire to deepen one’s understanding of something one desires to experience in their life…a better life, more fulfilling life, a more awake and aware life.
    *Perhaps prayer is a too often used, a stale ‘word’ that for some has lost its meaning.
    *Perhaps prayer to not about praying to some out side power but for connecting in mind/ thought to a resource already present within the one praying…Understanding.
    *Perhaps prayer is the way one gains an Understanding of and deepening into what one desires to learn and experience.


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