Types of Actions

There are three types of actions;

1) Perfunctory – those routine, mechanical tasks that we repeat daily

2) Thought – those questions in life which require personal thinking

3) Magic – those problems that just disappear as if by magic.

There is a higher Matrix which has all the perfect answers.

We have three ways of dealing with this Matrix.

We can; 1) ignore it 2) use our human reasoning to try to discover the Infinite messages, or 3) simply allow the Perfection of the Matrix to flow to us on its own.

If we try the second approach it would be similar to transporting food with a tarnished, contaminated pitch fork. Not only would we miss many crucial pieces, those that did arrive may be corrupted in the process.

Perfect answers produce perfect results, as if by Magic.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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