Step #3

The Infinite comes to you on a priority basis. Your desire for the Infinite must be greater than the cares of this world or there is no chance for communication.

Moreover, this search for the Infinite is ‘for’ you, but it is not ‘about’ you. Thus, it is NOT your job to ponder your problems and come up with human answers yourself. Quite the opposite! Your mission is to come to the Infinite- empty. No ideas, no questions, no pre-conceived solutions, no problems – nothing.

Silence is the language of the Infinite. Find YOUR silence. Stop your mental chatter. Perhaps with some form of meditation. Find YOUR silence.

The urge is to do everything possible but our human efforts are of no use here. Best, is to realize we can’t overtly hasten this process. It is a time to consider giving up using our resources and instead being led. In all you do, start being ready for Magic to appear. Look for it, and most importantly – listen.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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