The Infinite

There is craziness and depth to this thing called the ‘Infinite’. We use words like ‘unbounded’ and ‘limitless’ as definitions, but even those don’t help much. As ascension happens the words to describe it just aren’t available and that is for the good.

What you are reading is one person’s glimpse of the Infinite. It is personal, so personal. Your journey likewise, will be personal to you. The perfection of the sharing with the Infinite and the reciprocation with It and the heights to which you are taken are so overwhelming they are ineffable – unable to be expressed by words.

As an example, if all you knew was a horse and buggy and you suddenly found yourself piloting the space shuttle, you might have similar sensations. So, let’s proceed.

We’re going on an adventure, you and I. Not a trip, where you have to get to the finish before you have anything that matters. No, this will be an undisciplined, irreverent and original adventure where – at any time – a word or concept may become a wrecking ball that smacks into your mind and changes your perspective so dramatically that your ‘life-governing version of ideas’ become misaligned for weeks. We will untie, unstrap, unbuckle, untether and free ourselves from any and all authority and enable personalized perfection to enter your daily thought pattern so that the word ‘value’ will have a renewed meaning.

This adventure is not a race. Some thoughts presented will collide with your present mental ideas of correctness, head-on, causing deep examination. Others may bolster your current thoughts and give them life, abundance and new-found depth. Whatever happens, understand that what we want to achieve here is clarity and discernment. Your reasons for belief are crucial, and achieving the understanding of those reasons opens us up to attaining the highest thoughts possible.

The Infinite’s role in this is to create a venue fit for Divine association. The Infinite is in need of nothing. It doesn’t care what you have, or what you believe or what you think you know. The Infinite has no mouthpiece so its messages must be ‘accepted’ not heard. It is as if all the answers that you will ever need are right in front of you. Answers, perfect answers about health, Bliss, family, money are here, just waiting for you. Think of a radio station broadcasting right now and you have a radio but you can’t hear the station. It is because the radio isn’t ‘tuned’ to the frequency of the station. So it is with the Infinite. We must be tuned to it. Silence, meditation, peace, thanksgiving and honor are the constituents that enable the receptivity.

The methods that you use for this will become better and better as they are tried. Much more on this later, but the key, the master idea for its accomplishment, is for us to just disappear. By that I mean, the closer we can come to being ‘empty’ and having nothing in our minds, is the answer. The ‘glass’ we bring to the Infinite should be completely empty. If the Infinite meets up with our preconceptions or our ideas or our beliefs, they will win – every time. The Infinite does not want competition. Our slate must be clean, immaculate. It is then that we can receive and understand what is given. If we think we know part of the answer, we will receive nothing.

That is a hint of Its Majesty.

Welcome, to the ‘Infinite’!

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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