Bliss is used today to mean ‘absolute happiness,’ but for our purpose here we will use this definition;

Bliss is absolute happiness, with no cause.

There are myriad reasons why a person may have absolute happiness, but to attain that status with ‘no cause’ is where we want to be.

The Infinite makes it possible.

We are not on a search for the Infinite, or for Bliss. We don’t search for Bliss along the way.

Bliss is THE WAY!

What we do each day, and how we do it, is the Way.

When we get to the point where we understand that we can’t bring about this Bliss ourselves is when the Way becomes clearer.

When we realize this and allow ourselves to be led down the Path is when the Magic takes place.

It is the understanding that we are the creator of our Path and we are also the Path.

As you are walking across, say – your living room, you can visualize where your next footsteps will be. But you may take two steps, remember you need your keys, and turn left to retrieve them. You are the creator of your path, but you are also the path itself. Your ultimate ‘path’ resides IN you, waiting to be borne.

For most individuals this concept is not known. But if we realize that we can become an integral part of this process of birth, by Listening as we walk across the room, or anywhere else, we allow the Infinite to become a contributor to our lives – as we go! The huge difference here is that by Listening (with a clear mind, expecting nothing) answers will now come from the Infinite. They will be perfect answers, perfect for YOU.

We can create the Path that is Us!

Sure, the answers themselves may be awesome, but here’s the thing, when this process happens a few times Magic happens within you. It is one miraculous feeling to sense a oneness with the Infinite. Just by ‘letting go’ of worldly thoughts and concerns, that feeling of uniting with the Infinite comes back, and along with it – Bliss.

And don’t forget about the reciprocation factor. The more you trust the Infinite, the more It is addresses, used, appreciated, the more It gives back.

I remember wondering if Bliss was possible all the time. It is! It is the perfect drug. The more you experience It, the more you want It. You realize the things in your life that preclude Bliss from staying around, and you start to get rid of them. Things like arguing, finding fault, being with negativity of any kind, and a host of others, you just start seeing them for what they are – unnecessary burdens tethered to your mind. And when you find yourself close to any of these things, you just excuse yourself and leave. The feeling of deciding on something more pure, is exquisite. From that point you give thanks and Listen for the next item that you can exclude.

Bliss remains when there is nothing negative to challenge It.

You may be pondering, ‘What, then, do I think about?’ Good question!

In the next section, ‘Possibilities’, I’ll throw down a few suggestions that you may find astounding, things you really will want to think about.

In case you forgot, this is about the Infinite.

Perhaps unable to be captured in its entirety by a human mind, and limited by only having words for its description, we’re going to try to express It with all the grandeur It deserves.

‘Possibilities’ awaits.

Bring a very open mind.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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