Possibilities – Introduction

The Possibilities that we are going to talk about here are ones that the Infinite shares with us, for our enrichment. When they come to us they are the highest, and most subtle forms of conscious energy. To paraphrase, they are easily missed – especially if our own spirit is rather dogmatic. By that I mean, if in our past we have entertained deep-seated beliefs and we tend to ‘want to get our point across whether through incessant talk, raised voice, etc., our chance of ‘hearing’ what the Infinite has to say is greatly reduced.

Some folks start this journey with high aspirations, but they add a mental proviso that any idea for going forward must comply with certain criteria they ‘know’ from previous associations and the ‘answers’ they may receive must in some special way align themselves with the person’s preconceived notions of what is right.

The answers, if and when they come to us will not be sent dogmatically. They will be subtle, like a feathery wisp, or better, like a hint of an idea. If our receptive equipment is crammed with what we think we know, the Infinite ideas will never get through. The Infinite does not want competition. It will share Its abundance but only when we are fit for divine association.

If your plan to accessing the Infinite is based on questioning every conceivable facet of that journey, or to gain access vicariously, you have sealed your fate. Stop questioning, stop trying to ‘equip’ yourself with information that you think will help.

There is no equation such as; You + x + y = The Infinite. What ever ‘x’ and ‘y’ mean to you, they must be eradicated. Then you are left with the ‘you’. Realize that Silence is the language of the Infinite. Strive for that. Silence that is pure within you. Silence that you can protect and isolate from the worldly contamination that habitually tries to get in.

Begin a process of sensing what is the highest and most subtle. Let those things, whatever they are, come to you – in perfect Silence. When something enters, embrace it, give thanks, and then use that as your new base and accept only things that are higher than that. Float. Dream. Love. Give thanks. Repeat.

Trouble with recurring worldly thoughts? As they occur, give thanks for them, and let them go. Past beliefs causing a conflict? Give thanks for the belief and let it go. Acknowledge, in complete silence, that all you want right now is the highest, nothing else will be tolerated. In perfect harmony, ascend again, and again. Each time with a bit more clarity, a bit more humility, a bit more expectation. Have nothing to share, have no desire.

No desire, perfect contentment, awaiting the absolute highest form of communication possible. It is a time to allow your mind to do, and accept, things it has never even considered before. Don’t get in its way. Dream. Float. Give up the reins. Open. Open more. Impose no limitations. Give thanks. This – is emancipation, but please don’t try to label it. Just let the Infinite bring you Bliss. Do you have hidden areas of your mind that have been closed off for so long you can barely remember what they are? Expose them. Expose everything. Offer no explanation, have no expectation. This is all garbage that will be removed based on your degree of purity.

You know you have received the invitation when your heart is ready to risk everything to experience the Infinite.

If you sense that there is a problem, whether it be abandoning all past beliefs, conflict of past religions and their teachings, inability to forsake a part of your personality that is crucial to accessing the Infinite, etc., your heart is not ready to risk everything.

The Infinite wants the pure ‘you’. The you that is directed by nothing other than what it has to share with you. There is the utmost irony about this concept. All we have to do is to bring Nothing and we get Everything! But leave it to the ego to have to be able to inject some form of human reasoning into this gift. There are so many examples of past beliefs, experiences, associations, family, friends, dogmatism, time, personality – and on and on – that people use as excuses.

The Infinite is about risking everything. Every little, last item that you hold up as more important than the Infinite will preclude access. Every little personality trait that you hold on to so dearly, may be so detrimental to this end. I can only suggest that it is worth a try. You can return to where you are right now with just a shake of your head.

This is an adventure, not just a trip. It is also of the highest magnitude, and it is free! You may ask about the ramifications. Bliss (more to come about that), peace, quietude, contentment, highest love and many more, but most importantly to share here is that your reliance on other sources for answers will drift away. In its place will be solely the reliance on yourself, in conjunction with the Infinite.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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